Dude Gets Mario and Luigi Tattooed on Soles of Feet


The bottom of your feet are ultra-ticklish for a reason. They are very, very sensitive. So, I imagine this tattoo hurt a considerable amount. The soles of your feet have got to be a tender area.

Regardless, this gaming geek was hardcore enough to have Mario and Luigi partaking in a round of fisticuffs, tattoo-style, on the bottom of their feet, one gaming icon per foot. I’m only slightly concerned that Mario will develop athlete’s foot on his face. Of course, this isn’t as cool as my Jedi Mario tattoo, but it was a valiant effort.



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  1. Dude, what kind of idiot would get tatoos on their soles? I’m not a big fan of body mod as it is, but this is out of hand!

  2. i do like that but did it hhurt yes or no iin do you no u have to leave witch that tatoo rfor the reast of your lifes i mean i do not see my self getting a tatsoo

  3. Dude shoulda got a better artist all ur lines are blown out thts why it looks like its bruised around every line…just thought you should know….

  4. Maybe you should take a shower and clean your feet? That’s gross. At least I don’t actually know you. Anyways, this is pretty cool..

  5. He has really nasty toe nails

  6. Those aren’t real! You can totally tell that they were drawn by marker! Look at how the edges bleed from the marker ink. Nice try guy!!!

  7. anyone eles notice the big dent he has in the bottom of his foot lol

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