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‘Google It’ Knuckle Tattoo Answers All Questions

I’m sick of answering questions. That’s all people want from me is answers. And I’m sick of it. So here’s my new, very permanent answer. Just Google it. It’s not even just the obvious questions that bother me. It’s even the ones that people use to try and test my computer knowledge. I’m a geek blogger, not a technician. Go ...

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Dude Gets Mario and Luigi Tattooed on Soles of Feet

The bottom of your feet are ultra-ticklish for a reason. They are very, very sensitive. So, I imagine this tattoo hurt a considerable amount. The soles of your feet have got to be a tender area. Regardless, this gaming geek was hardcore enough to have Mario and Luigi partaking in a round of fisticuffs, tattoo-style, on the bottom of their ...

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Photosynthesis Equation Tattoo Takes Ecology to the Extreme

Reader Marianne sent us this photo of her fabulously geeky ecology tattoo. Inked across Marianne’s back is the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Hope you’ve all been eating your veggies. Photosynthesis is underrated. Way to spread the word! Got a geeky tat you want to share with us? E-mail me at andrew -@- gearfuse.com for your chance to appear on Gearfuse.

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