My New Tattoo is Blogworthy


It’s still burning like a mother, but it’s so worth it. What could be better than Mario and the Jedi mashed together?  It’s like, my childhood in one awesomely sexy package.

What sort of geeky tats have you been looking into?

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  1. I’ve personally got the Super Metroid “Samus Logo” (whatever the hell it is really called.. I just woke up, forgive me) on my arm and a 1UP mushroom on my ankle. My fiancee has a matching mushroom, the poison mushroom, on her ankle. We got it when we met, and thankfully things worked out for us!

  2. This one goes straight to :DD

  3. I believe you meant “” Honest mistake.

  4. Samus Aran is a woman.

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