My New Tattoo is Blogworthy


It’s still burning like a mother, but it’s so worth it. What could be better than Mario and the Jedi mashed together?� It’s like, my childhood in one awesomely sexy package.

What sort of geeky tats have you been looking into?

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  1. I’ve personally got the Super Metroid “Samus Logo” (whatever the hell it is really called.. I just woke up, forgive me) on my arm and a 1UP mushroom on my ankle. My fiancee has a matching mushroom, the poison mushroom, on her ankle. We got it when we met, and thankfully things worked out for us!

  2. This one goes straight to :DD

  3. I believe you meant “” Honest mistake.

  4. Samus Aran is a woman.

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