Flexible LED Skin Implants Will Light You Up Like a Christmas Tree, Activate Light Sensitive Medication

Aside from looking really cool and making a fantastic excuse to get another body mod, these ultra-flexible LED skin implants will actually have a practical use in your medical future. The ultimate goal is that these 2.5 micrometers thick and 100 x 100 micrometers square LED arrays will one day be implanted in the human body as a way to monitor healing wounds and control the delivery of medication triggered by light in photodynamic drug therapy.

Although the OLEDs used for the implant are highly sensitive to water and oxygen, a silicone rubber covering ensures that the circuits stay functional even within the inner goo of the human body. Even more impressive is that the implants can be twisted or stretched by as much as 75% and still function perfectly. I can’t think of a more festive method of healthcare.


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