Photosynthesis Equation Tattoo Takes Ecology to the Extreme


Reader Marianne sent us this photo of her fabulously geeky ecology tattoo. Inked across Marianne’s back is the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Hope you’ve all been eating your veggies.

Photosynthesis is underrated. Way to spread the word!

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  1. John Gallagher

    Hey! i love this sooo much! I took Earth Space science with her senior year, and the teacher went nuts when he seen it

  2. I imagine an Earth Science teacher would, seeing as my reaction, as a humble geek blogger, was one of envy.

  3. sorry to burst your bubble, but this is just another way students have figured out to cheat on biology exams.

  4. Amazing! I have a 30 inch sticker of this formula on the back of my car! I’m glad that I’m not the only photosynthesis freak out there.

  5. i would like to cum on thaT TAT

  6. TJ, and how exactly would she cheat when it’s on her back? Maybe swivel her head around 180degrees?

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