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The Arithmetic of the Internet

No variables here. Just straight up basic arithmetic solves the mathematical�quandaries�of the interwebz. Linking the influences that make the internet such a�smorgasbord�of valuable real estate and endless content. Where do we fit into all of this? Free hugs to the person who can come up with the correct equation for Gearfuse. More after the j + ump!

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What’s the Square Root of Pirate?

Argh, matey. Grab yourself a brisk pint of ale, a brand new pet parrot and get ready to take to the sea. Part of the New Math series by Craig Damraurer, this shirt merges math with the our scientific definition of a pirate. If we’ve done the math correctly, this awesome Pirate equation shirt is right up your gangplank. Grab ...

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Photosynthesis Equation Tattoo Takes Ecology to the Extreme

Reader Marianne sent us this photo of her fabulously geeky ecology tattoo. Inked across Marianne’s back is the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Hope you’ve all been eating your veggies. Photosynthesis is underrated. Way to spread the word! Got a geeky tat you want to share with us? E-mail me at andrew -@- gearfuse.com for your chance to appear on Gearfuse.

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