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9 Really Awful (and 1 Really Awesome) Tattoos

Awful Tattoos

When it comes to getting inked, we really wish that people would do a little more research. Find out about the tattoo artist you pick to do your work, ask their clients if they're happy, take a look at their work in person. Do these things and we can stop making posts like this!

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Tattoo Decision Making Flowchart: Should You Get Ink?

Getting a geeky tattoo can be a hard decision to make. Personally, I have four tattoos that can be considered geeky, and I don’t regret a single one. In fact, I plan on having an entire arm dedicated to the world of Nintendo, specifically geared towards Mario. But it’s certainly not for everyone, especially people who haven’t devoted their life ...

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Mexican Sugar Skull Stormtrooper Ink Will Be My Next Tattoo

Those of you who have followed Gearfuse long enough know that I’m in the process of designing myself a geeky tattoo sleeve. I’ve already got Jedi Mario and a set of Mario Stars running up my arm, but I’ve been looking for the perfect addition. This Stormtrooper Sugar Skull tat might just be my next tattoo. I know, I know, ...

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Lay It On Me

Hey y’all. Just a helpful reminder that we’re looking for awesome new gadgets and design pieces, whether is be a reader (that’s you)-submitted geeky tattoo or just something you picked up along the web. In fact, you can just message me to say “Hi” if you really want to. Send what ya got to andrew [email protected] gearfuse.com. I personally read ...

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Photosynthesis Equation Tattoo Takes Ecology to the Extreme

Reader Marianne sent us this photo of her fabulously geeky ecology tattoo. Inked across Marianne’s back is the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Hope you’ve all been eating your veggies. Photosynthesis is underrated. Way to spread the word! Got a geeky tat you want to share with us? E-mail me at andrew [email protected] gearfuse.com for your chance to appear on Gearfuse.

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Temporary Tattoos For Food Addicts

Video game tattoos are rad but sooner or later someone is going to tell you you’re a Nintendo fanboy for having the Triforce tattooed to your chest (you are.) Instead try these catchy temporary food-inspired tattoos. Declare that you love bacon, right on your arm; no one will argue. Are you an omnivore and proud of it? Slap it to ...

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Anti-Theft Car Tattoos: Un-Pimp My Ride

Designed by Dominic Wilcox as part of his New Work collection, these Anti-Theft Sticker Tattoos make your car look like they are already on the verge of rusting over. These tats use the same theory as these Fake Spill Seat Savers, by making a wanted commodity less appealing. Just place them at strategic points and the car is automatically less ...

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