Braille E-book Reader


While the Amazon Kindle 2 is a fresh take on an e-book reader with its ability to read back books to you, some people who have a visual impairment could use something they can feel rather than hear. That’s the idea behind this concept braille e-book reader. Bumps change on a dynamic surface that can emulate braille, thus bringing a whole new world of reading to the blind.


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  1. It’s kinda cruel that they didn’t put “Braille E-Book” in braille.

  2. This product is a copy of my design, which is a very much previous idea, of the year 2006. You can verify the date in The BrailleBook is Sergio Trujillo’s original idea, and you must not design anything that already has designed other one before. My design appears in many technological important blogs. It is a plagiarism of my idea, you must admit it publicly. You can see my page of the concept art in

  3. So.. List your Copyright #. Or your Patent # Post the links to those. Dude, you can say it was your Idea, you can post videos with concept art and all kinds of info, including blueprints on how to build one! You can even build one yourself, but without copyrights or patents.. you lose. how much you wanna bet he has one. The first thing any inventor does is go out and search copyrights and patents to see if there is already one out there or in development. Ya know the wheelie shoes? I came up with the idea in 7th grade when we had a young minds invention contest. I have art to prove it too! I Hand drew the way the wheels would fold into the sole of the shoe. I even had retractable Kleets in the soles.. but what did I know about copyrights or patents and 13 years later guess what becomes the new “Thing”? Too bad, so sad.. Intellectual property doesn’t belong to you until it’s patented..

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