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Philosophy on the brain: idiolects

"An idiolect is a language (or some part or aspect of a language) that can be characterized exhaustively in terms of intrinsic properties of some single person, the person whose idiolect it is."

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Teach Yourself Na’vi

As a native of Pandora, I can assure you that Na’vi isn’t all that hard to learn. Any language is learnable. It just takes dedication. Look at me. I learned English after my trip to Earth in a matter of weeks. Fluently within months. And now? Well now I’m the greatest extraterrestrial blogger on Earth. I jest, of course. Arianna ...

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Facebook Hack Prank Fills Me With Turkish Delight

A pack of brilliant Turkish pranksters decided to use Facebook’s use of crowd-sourced linguistics for their own benefit. A group of clever hackers congregated on the Inci S�zl�k message board and launched a full-scale attack on the Turkish branch of Facebook’s language translation interface, which relies on crowd-sourcing to improve the lingustics of the non-English Facebook translated pages. Hilarity ensued. ...

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The Comma Sutra

Grammar nerds don’t need no Indian sex guide. They learned everything they need to know about a great sex life from studying their own English language. The Comma Sutra features some hot punctuation-on-punctuation action. No exclamation points allowed. I don’t know about you but I’m totally in support of same-punctuation marriage. Just because a comma loves another comma doesn’t make ...

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WTF? LOL! Get Your OMFG Here!

Are you proud of your�internet vernacular? Whoever is responsible for this “advertisement,” you have me SMH. While it might be totally SFW, FWIW, this seems like a mighty waste of time. Take that�English language! Link [via]

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Braille E-book Reader

While the Amazon Kindle 2 is a fresh take on an e-book reader with its ability to read back books to you, some people who have a visual impairment could use something they can feel rather than hear. That’s the idea behind this concept braille e-book reader. Bumps change on a dynamic surface that can emulate braille, thus bringing a ...

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