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Smell of Books: The Cure for Print Withdrawal

I’m sort of worried that if I invest so much money in a Kindle, I’m going to have some serious tactile and olfactory withdrawal. And I don’t think I’m along. We need to feel the book in our hands and smell the scent that only a newly cracked-open book can emit. “Smell of Books” aerosol spray allows you to simulate ...

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Kindle Case Remembers Everything Amazon Forgot

Though widely acclaimed and highly anticipated, Amazon’s Kindle 2 isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Much like any awesome gadget, there are tons of ways to improve the user’s experience even further than what is already offered by the gadget alone. The Periscope Kindle case is a leather-bound case which offers a host of useful little gadgets which ...

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Braille E-book Reader

While the Amazon Kindle 2 is a fresh take on an e-book reader with its ability to read back books to you, some people who have a visual impairment could use something they can feel rather than hear. That’s the idea behind this concept braille e-book reader. Bumps change on a dynamic surface that can emulate braille, thus bringing a ...

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