Bill Gates: Professional Asshole


So the TED conferences and talks are in full effect. Imagine you were there. What’s the shittiest thing you could do to an audience listening patiently to every word you have to say? OK, so whatever you thought of, you’ll need to double it because Bill Gates pissed everyone off the other day. How so? By releasing a jar of about 10 mosquitoes inside the conference hall and letting them go after attendees.

Why do such a thing? Gates was bitching about malaria in third-world countries. Jerk off.

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  1. Those are just fucking mosquitoes, it’s not like they can kill you or anything
    Oh, wait, they can

    I think you got the point

  2. Not to defend Bill Gates, but your own link says that he only *pretended* to set free the mosquitos.

  3. Wow nice attempt at drumming up some weak site traffic. EWWW bugs omg I am a baby there’s a whole 10 bugs in here…

    So sorry his attempt at making people aware of diseases that are killing people is oh so offensive to you

  4. Bill Gates is not only a pro asshole, he is an asshole and a robber who became rich by stealing ideas from others.
    It might denotes some intelligence or rather cunning, but certainly no real talent.

    The guy is so ashamed of his own lack of conscience that he opened these bs organizations, juts idea to make people believe that he’s a good guy.
    He stays an asshole and will die like it unless he admits what he really did to screw the world with his malfunctioning company.

    By the way. windows sucks, i always did but with the monopoly reached new mediocrity height with 8…

    Bill gates: asshole

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