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Microsoft Extends Their Trade-In Program For Your iPhone


Yes, you read that right, MICROSOFT is extending their trade-in program and is offering cash for your gently used iPhone 4S and 5. Microsoft is looking to take your gently used iPhone 4s and 5 off your hands in their expanded trade in program. The Microsoft program is offering a minimum of $200 for these units but there is a catch - the funds you receive will come in the form of a Microsoft store credit rather than cash.

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The 200GB SkyDrive Storage Upgrade From Microsoft


Yesterday Microsoft announced that they will be making an option for 200GB of storage available for SkyDrive storage users. SkyDrive which now comes as a built in feature in the Windows 8.1, is now being offered with a 200 GB option for just $100 per year. Compared to Google and Dropbox, SkyDrive has the lowest priced offering for such significant storage.

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Set To Retire

Steve Ballmer

Today, Microsoft made the announcement that within the next year, Steve Ballmer (who has been with Microsoft since 1980, and has been CEO since 2000,) will retire. Ballmer is staying on board for the next twelve months so that a team of Microsoft representatives (including Bill Gates) can find an appropriate replacement for the position of CEO.

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