Profanity Leads To XBox Live Account Limitations

Are you prone to profanity while gaming? Well be careful because according to Microsoft, the excessive use of profanity in Xbox Upload Studio Videos can cost you account privileges.

XBox One

According to recent reports, users have been having their Xbox Live account privileges taken away after uploading videos using profanity. These privileges, according to some users, include the inability to utilize Skype and various other applications on their XBox One. Without confirmation from Microsoft, a number of people began spreading their own rumors about just how these limitations are made; however, today, Microsoft stepped forward with a statement to clear things up. Microsoft clarified that using profanity in private Skype calls would not lead to accounts being limited; however, uploading profane content using the XBox One Upload Studio feature would result in losing some of – or all of- your accounts privileges.

Microsoft was not clear on what quantifies excessive profanity, but they did clarify that their purpose in taking this step was to create a family safe environment. Additionally, Microsoft stated that they do not monitor person to person communications like Skype.

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