Microsoft Unveils Three Holiday Special Bundles For The XBox 360!

The question is – do you want the XBox One or not? If you’re not sure that you’re ready to drop a bundle on the newest XBox One this year (or if you can’t get hold of one,) Microsoft has announced their three holiday bundles for the XBox 360.

XBox Holiday Bundles

Rumor has it that the new XBox 360 bundles have been put together with the intention of tempting you with games that don’t make you want an XBox One. Who are they kidding? Every XBox lover at least wants to check out the One, but that said, not all of us can afford the new system…so for those of us who can’t, here are the three bundles that are set to launch this holiday season.

The “base” 250GB kit will set you back around $300 and comes with Tomb Raider as well as Halo 4.

The Kinect 4GB pack will also set you back around $300 and comes with Kinect Sports 2 and Kinect Adventures.

The 250GB Kinect pack will set you back $400 and features Kinect Sports 2, Kinect Adventures as well as Forza Horizon.

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