Superb Gameplay and Graphics: An Indepth Look at the Halo 4 for the XBox 360

Halo 4 for Microsoft XBOX 360Halo 4 is the latest iteration in the long running gaming series that puts players in the shoes of the Master Chief, a soldier capable of utilising a wide arsenal of weapons and devices during his quest to rid the universe of the evil Covenant and the dangerous Flood. This article will take a close look at Halo 4, explaining why it’s the best entry in the franchise yet, and why you should put in an order to buy Halo 4 from Tesco Direct as soon as you can.

343 industries

Bungie, the developers of the previous Halo games, left Microsoft following the release of Halo:Reach. To make up for their absence, Microsoft created a dream team development team known as ‘343 industries’ to create Halo 4, bringing in some of the best programmers and game designers in the world to ensure the game would be as good as it could be.


The development team’s hard work is easy to see; Halo 4 is arguably the most stunningly beautiful game on the Xbox 360. Environments are bright and stunning to explore, while character models are detailed and impressive. Weapon models are gorgeously modelled, with reload animations being a particular highlight.


Halo 4 is also the first Halo game to be released without the musical talents of Martin O’Donnell there to produce the series’ now iconic soundtrack. His replacement, Neil Davidge of the band Massive Attack, hasn’t skipped a beat, however, producing a soundtrack that easily matches the quality of those found in other games in the series.

Other game sounds are up to par, too. Weapons sound real and satisfying to use, and explosions are sure to impress. Halo 4’s voice acting is also excellent, with Cortana’s voice actor delivering a particularly strong performance as the Master Chief’s computerised sidekick.


Halo’s gameplay is iconic and unique in the first person shooter genre. Battles are played out on a grand stage with dozens of enemies on screen fighting across huge vistas. Halo 4 has perfectly captured the gameplay feel of its predecessors, with the large scale feel being kept intact. Enemy AI is better than it ever has been, with enemies flanking and setting up traps that will be sure to keep players on their toes.

343 industries have also created a new multiplayer experience for Halo 4, implementing perks and other unlocks into the game. The multiplayer is as good as it ever has been; combat is quick and addictive, and the new unlock system adds some extra incentive to play more.


Many fans were worried that Halo 4 would be a disappointment after the loss of the development team at Bungie. Fans needn’t have worried, however, with the development team at 343 industries producing a sequel that is more than worthy of the Halo name.

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