October 17th Sees The Launch Of Windows 8.1!

Microsoft has confirmed that October 17th, 2013 will see the launch of Windows 8.1 in the US market.

Windows 8.1

The exact time of release for Windows 8.1 is 12am on October 18th in New Zealand, 4am PST or 7am EST on October 17th. The free update will be made available at Windows stores and will be made available at retail and on new devices.

What should you expect from the newest installation of Windows? Rumor has it that Windows 8.1 will not integrate Facebook and Flickr. So far rumors have been met with quite some opposition from those who prefer not to work on such “appcentric” systems. Only time will tell what the general consensus on the newest launch will be. Until then though, take a look at what you can expect to see with Windows 8.1!

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