Next Xbox Rumored to have “Anti-Used Game” Technology

The battle between game companies and used game retailers has been ongoing for years. Game companies claim that used game sales undermine their bottom line, since they don’t receive a portion of the sale of used games. Used game retailers claim that they’re simply providing an in-demand service to consumers.

Well, it looks like Microsoft may be taking a controversial stance against used games — if these rumors are true. According to a “source”, the next Xbox will use some type of anti-used game technology.

If this is true, Microsoft risks alienating a substantial number of consumers who have expressed negative feelings about this rumor.

Would gamers really boycott the next Xbox if it couldn’t play used games?

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  1. I will not be buying a new Xbox if it has “some type of anti-used game technology”.

  2. Wow, I hope they don’t do this. I guess the only way would be linking the game to your Xbox Live account, like how you use up your game key in WOW. But when you think of it, digital-only games can’t be resold anyway, and that looks to be where things are headed in the long run. Combined with charging for Xbox Live this could really put up some roadblocks when the Xbox 720 is released.

  3. if thers anti used game tech then i will not buy the next xbox and probebly boycott it

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