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Bill and Melinda Gates Ban iPods, iPhones In The Home

Oh quit crying, you two. You have enough money to wipe your asses with $100 bills for the rest of your natural born life. In a recent interview with Vogue, Melinda Gates stated that she keeps iPhones and iPods out of the hands of her children. The direct quote sez: “…there are very few things that are on the banned ...

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Bill Gates: Professional Asshole

So the TED conferences and talks are in full effect. Imagine you were there. What’s the shittiest thing you could do to an audience listening patiently to every word you have to say? OK, so whatever you thought of, you’ll need to double it because Bill Gates pissed everyone off the other day. How so? By releasing a jar of ...

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Microsoft’s First Seinfeld Ad Is An Epic Fail

When $300 million dollars is spent on advertisements involving Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates shopping for shoes, it makes me think, “What’s this got to do with Microsoft?” Well, Microsoft wants you to know that it’s more hip than Apple. The two things that make Jerry Seinfeld cool in this video: 1. He’s eating a churro. 2. He showers in ...

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Microsoft Recruits Seinfeld For “Windows, Not Walls,” Ad Campaign

Microsoft no longer wants to sit idly by as Apple’s advertising campaign bashes it, making it look like an old geezer in front of all those hipsters who watch TV. Everything about Microsoft’s $300 million advertising campaign has been quite ‘hush hush’, that is until now. “They are not seen as cool,” says Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, a ...

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