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Bill Gates: Professional Asshole

So the TED conferences and talks are in full effect. Imagine you were there. What’s the shittiest thing you could do to an audience listening patiently to every word you have to say? OK, so whatever you thought of, you’ll need to double it because Bill Gates pissed everyone off the other day. How so? By releasing a jar of ...

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See You In Hell: Stephen Hawking Made With LEGOs

When I was growing up, I had a friend named Kyle. Kyle loved LEGOs almost as much as I did, except he had one problem: he kept building huge cocks. That’s right. Dicks everywhere. He’d come over and build a replica of the Twin Towers shaped like dicks, a dick-shaped sentry gun, make a dick-shaped lake and then some. He’s ...

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A Thong For Your Ex-Girlfriend

I’m sure you and your friends think your ex is a real cunt, but is that any way to talk to a lady? Absolutely not. Alternatively, you could get her this thong. Aside from the fact that a thong just screams class, this one says “YOU ARE VISITOR: 002637” on the front part. She’ll not only hate you getting it ...

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Disgusting: Goldfish Keychains

Apparently, you can buy keychains with live goldfish in them in China. It’s not only a stupid idea, it’s also sick and cruel. Though I’ll happily eat fish any day of the week, this serves no purpose other than to hold your keys and torture an innocent goldfish. Whoever made this is one retarded fuck. Let’s throw him in a ...

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