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5 Best iPhone Apps for Editing Photos


Perhaps you like to call yourself a photographer or maybe you just enjoy uploading snaps to Instagram. Either way, editing software can help you perfect your photos and give them that professional look. With more people shooting on iPhones more than ever before, there is the emergence of many editing apps that can do this job for you. Whether you’re ...

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Best Free IPhone Apps In 2017

iphone apps

Just got your new iPhone? Congratulations! But now you might be thinking what apps to install. Sure there are the classic Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat because come on what’s the point of any smartphone without those? With the launch of iOs 11 there are a whole lot more apps available now. It is wrongly perceived that most of the good ...

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9 Latest iPhone Apps to Get you Rolling


I phone 8/8 plus/X has already been launched and people can’t keep calm about it. People are really excited about the new features, new design, and the new update. Also, when it’s about Apple, it’s about flaunting. There are various apps designed only for iOS and iOS users always brag about it. There are various iPhone apps which are superb ...

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MiBeerAge iPhone App Tells You Exactly How Old Your Beer Is

You might not have known this but to the beer connoisseur, the finest brews are best served within 30 days of their bottling. So those three year old bottles of Heineken collecting dust in your fridge garage? Yeah, slightly past their prime. But hey, at least the caps are still usable. The MiBeerAge iOS application tells you exactly how old ...

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Plane Finder AR iPhone App Uses Augmented Reality to Track the Planes in the Sky

While developer pinkfroot limited has been using the transportation game as a means to an end for his application development for a while now, we’ve never seen a transportation app quite like this. Plane Finder AR utilizes GPS technology, real-time air traffic mapping and augmented reality to create a whole new transportation experience for those who still have their feet ...

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The iPhone App Shirt: Why Is Everyone Poking Me?

If you wear this tee, you’re essentially asking to be poked all day. Like some sort of geeky Pillsbury Doughboy. Except when you get poked instead of giggling you let out a proud Wookiee roar. *insert phonetic Chewbacca growl here* I do wish you could create your own custom app page based on your favorite apps, but then again, I ...

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iPhone App Magnets Work Best With A Black Fridge

One iPhone is fine and dandy for keeping myself in order and offering a great way to procrastinate, but I can’t help but hunger for more – the next big update. Do you remember how excited I was about MMS finally coming to the device? Right now it happens to be OS 4.0. After the release of 4.0 it will�undoubtedly�be ...

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Burqa Babes iPhone App Leaves Pretty Much Everything to the Imagination

Call it culturally�stifling. Call it disgustingly sexist and a shame on the feminist movement. Just don’t forget to call it sexy! Burqa Babes is on its way to an iPhone near you. With all of the fully-covered ladies you can handle, all for $1.99. Developer Elam Nikserof explains his case: “I want to stimulate the imagination first,” said Nikserof. “There’s ...

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