Burqa Babes iPhone App Leaves Pretty Much Everything to the Imagination

Call it culturally�stifling. Call it disgustingly sexist and a shame on the feminist movement. Just don’t forget to call it sexy! Burqa Babes is on its way to an iPhone near you. With all of the fully-covered ladies you can handle, all for $1.99. Developer Elam Nikserof explains his case:

“I want to stimulate the imagination first,” said Nikserof. “There’s absolutely nothing like Burqa Babes in the App Store. It allows users to ‘get jiggy with it’ without violating their personal beliefs. I’m planning to make a Burqalicious Babes calendar next year from the photos submitted.”

So you heard it here. If you want to get “jiggy with it” as the youngsters say these days, without impeding on your personal belief system, Burqa Babes offers the sexiest set of completely clad ladies that the iPhone has to offer. Just imagine what’s under those things. Ooooh, yeah baby! You walk with those hidden legs. Walk like daddy likes it.


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