Sleep Suit: A Personal Cocoon

You won’t be emerging as a beautiful butterfly, but you might just emerge as a more alert version of you. The Sleep Suit is designed to provide you with your own little personal sleep space wherever you go, while also providing a generous amount of airflow. Because nobody likes cocoon sweat.

The project attempts to challenge the idea of personal space in relationship to the human body and its surrounding environment. It is inspired by Buckminster Fuller´┐Żs practice of Dymaxion Sleeping, which involves four 30-minute naps over a period of 24 hours, and the material requirements for such conditions.

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  1. Hey, it’s better than a Snuggie!

  2. Sleep suit may be spiffy and new and all, but I’m afraid naps on the couch still take the cake here. Also, WOAH look at that bag! Its so awesome, it gets it’s own seat! All hail king bag, ruler of the office workers!

  3. Does it use velcro for those cat naps that you hurry into?

  4. ….. tht looks so odd… it looks awesome…. i wonder where u can buy em…. unless i missed a link…

  5. Love this! Let’s make one!

  6. i need this for med school. it would be SO USEFUL. power naps evveerrywhere

  7. I hope it’s fire-proof, otherwise someone might get a hot-suit!

  8. Looks uncomfortable

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