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Burqa Babes iPhone App Leaves Pretty Much Everything to the Imagination

Call it culturallystifling. Call it disgustingly sexist and a shame on the feminist movement. Just don’t forget to call it sexy! Burqa Babes is on its way to an iPhone near you. With all of the fully-covered ladies you can handle, all for $1.99. Developer Elam Nikserof explains his case: “I want to stimulate the imagination first,” said Nikserof. “There’s ...

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Review: JBL/Roxy Reference 250 Headphones

JBL has always been a purveyor of fine audio, which makes total sense considering its parent company is Harmon Kardon. A few years back, I reviewed some Reference 220 earbud headphones, which were affordable and sounded great on the iPod. This time around, JBL has teamed up with Quiksilver’s surfin’ sister company Roxy on a line of headphones that are ...

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Panda Ear Buds Perfect For Your Japanese Girlfriend

If you’re a true geek you’ve likely either dated a Japanese girlfriend or fantasized about having one. If by any chance you actually have one, they would surely go totally nuts over these Panda Ear buds. You know how girls, in general, not even specifically Japanese, are into this cutesy shit. Even if you’re a hipster dude, you might dig ...

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LED Forks Invade Your Kitchen

These LED forks whipped up at Yanko Design are a decent idea for eating in low-light situations, but as far as romanticism goes, no dice. This “Lightware” claims it will “enhance your candle light dinner experience.” I don’t buy it. How does a red LED or a blue LED get me laid? If that’s all it took, I would have ...

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Ladies Boy Not Quite A Man

When it comes to the ladies, 9-year-old Alec Greven is an expert. This kid gets more ass than a toilet seat and even wrote a book on meeting wome-er, girls. What began as a $3 pamphlet sold at his school book fair has turned in to a published dating primer called “How to Talk to Girls” which hit the shelves ...

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Hello Nurse! Art Or Photography? We Don’t Care

Take a look at the image above. Is it a photograph or is it a painting? It’s actually an oil painting influenced by the aesthetic of black and white photography created by Adam Stennett. I’ve got no idea how he makes these images look so life-like, especially the water running down this lady’s crack. Hubba hubba. All I know is: ...

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