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6 of the Hottest Company Ads Ever

hottest brand advertising

Sex sells. It’s a fact of advertising that not everyone is comfortable with, but it’s true. Take a look at 6 companies that are using that to their advantage with these smoking hot company ads. 1. Dolce and Gabbana 2. Calvin Klein 3. Teleflora 4. Armani 5. Carl’s Jr 6. H&M

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Star Wars Gone Wild Tattoo

Remember a few months ago when we posted about the Star Wars Burlesque show which featured a scantily clad Boba Fett and the like? Well, it was hot, so you should probably check it out. But anyway, apparently someone was so enamored with the concept that they had the image of the ample breasted Stormtrooper tattooed on their skin. As ...

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Burqa Babes iPhone App Leaves Pretty Much Everything to the Imagination

Call it culturallystifling. Call it disgustingly sexist and a shame on the feminist movement. Just don’t forget to call it sexy! Burqa Babes is on its way to an iPhone near you. With all of the fully-covered ladies you can handle, all for $1.99. Developer Elam Nikserof explains his case: “I want to stimulate the imagination first,” said Nikserof. “There’s ...

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Stormtroopers Gone Wild

The hottest thing since Stuffed Animals with Vaginas. Above, Stormtrooper striptease Courtney Cruz in a Star Wars-themed burlesque show at the Los Angeles club Bordello (a sexy bar which opened at the site of a notorious, historic LA whorehouse). Hit the jump for several more geekalicious photos.

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Lingerie Beer Has Some Nice Cans

Designer Ramm ND created these awesome Lingerie Cans. If you happen to be double fisting this brew, place the two cans together like so, sit back and admire the view. Now those are some nice cans. Link

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Miss Video Game Bares It All

Good golly, check this hottie out. She’s all ready for Halloween and she’s not afraid to show what she’s got under the hood. It’s a purple ghost from Pac-Man. Hey, wait a second – there’s no purple ghosts in Pac-Man! This costume should be a crime. Firstly, you and I both know this girl has no idea what Pac-Man is. ...

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Divine Bovine

Hubba hubba! Take a look at this assortment of sexy and seductive animals that are worth drooling over. Warning, these pictures are not safe for work and will surely give you a hard on. That is, if the other artsy animals I’ve posted haven’t already done that. No idea who made them, but I know where they came from and ...

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25 of the Sexiest Video Game Babes Ever

We like girls. Pixels, polygons and even cosplay, the girls of gaming come in all shapes and sizes. But for this list they can come in only one shape: curvy. We’ve selected 25 of the sexiest video game babes EVER. So while you’re relaxing at the beach with your laptop this July 4th weekend, we thought it’d be nice to ...

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