9 Latest iPhone Apps to Get you Rolling

I phone 8/8 plus/X has already been launched and people can’t keep calm about it. People are really excited about the new features, new design, and the new update. Also, when it’s about Apple, it’s about flaunting. There are various apps designed only for iOS and iOS users always brag about it. There are various iPhone apps which are superb and if you are an iOS user, you must try these wonderful apps as they would totally get you rolling. These are some of the latest iPhone apps which would make you love iPhone and iOS even more.

    1. SKY GUIDE

The galaxy, constellations and every heavenly body have always intrigued us and made us more inquisitive about it. The sky guide app shows the location of the planets, stars, constellations and other heavenly bodies with the help of an AR like interface. You just have to point your phone in any direction and the names of the various stars and planets will be displayed on your phone. For the free version, you can also try the Sky View.

sky guide


Reading on the internet is a habit which every person is addicted to. Instapaper is one such app which is owned by Pinterest and it allows the bookmarking service for reading anything on Internet anytime later. The pocket is Pocket also serves the same purpose and it is effective with multimedia.


  • WAZE

Are you always up for a road trip or do you prefer driving more often? Then you must have WAZE app on your iPhone. This app would tell you about the traffic mid-trip and also helps you in taking the shortcut routes. It also alerts you about the accident-prone areas, construction, and also the police check post ahead. Such latest iPhone apps are a must-have for every iPhone user.



Another one of the wonderful latest iPhone apps available for free is the Evernote. It is a virtual notebook and it enables the users to download whatever you have it in your brain. You can write notes, thoughts, articles, make doodles, upload pages from the net, and also track the tasks. It can also support the audio files. It is one hell of an app for everyone, trust me, everyone.



Exchanging cash and splitting within the friends can always be hectic. This app transfers the money between people and also between banks. One just has to log in and connect their debit cards and enjoy the safe cashless transactions and transfers. So, if you guys are not carrying cash and have to split, you can do it then and there.
square cash


We have to agree that we all need an editing app in your phone which is handy and easily accessible. This is one of the latest iPhone apps which is basically a master editing app. This just not only helps in adjusting the photo filters but also has the major editing features nearly like Photoshop.

  • MINT

Saving is something very important but in this busy life, we do not have extra time to sit with a planner and make the monthly budgets. With this app, you can insert our income, add the expenses, make a budget fixture and stick to it and see your savings and lot more. If you live away from family then this app is a must-have for you because it will help immensely help in monetary basis.

mint app


For all the music lovers out there, this is one of the latest iPhone apps which you must have on your phone. Through this app, you can listen to your favourite jams on your personal demand. They have a radio option, and playlists like ‘Discover Weekly’, ‘Release Radar’ allows the users to sync music to their phones so that they can also listen offline.

spotify app


You do not need to worry about the ‘Happy Hours’ anymore. This app is for all the beer lovers and cravers. Through this app, you can keep a track of your every drink. You can check in the different beers, you can rate them and also send the virtual cheers to all your buddies on their recent selection. You can also search bars nearby you based on your latest selection.

untappd app

These were some of the latest iPhone apps which every iPhone user must have on their phones. All these apps are of a different category and a different use and would attract all the users, mostly.

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