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9 Latest iPhone Apps to Get you Rolling


I phone 8/8 plus/X has already been launched and people can’t keep calm about it. People are really excited about the new features, new design, and the new update. Also, when it’s about Apple, it’s about flaunting. There are various apps designed only for iOS and iOS users always brag about it. There are various iPhone apps which are superb ...

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Cute Girl + Three iPhones = Awesomely Geeky One-Woman Beyonce Tribute Band

This girl has got some serious skills. YouTube user applegirl002 uses a rigaffixedwith a trio of iPhones to produce her own cover version of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” And she does a damn fine job. I was certainly not expecting the lyrics to be so accent-free after watching the introduction. And damn, for a small girl, she’s got some lungs! You’re going ...

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Apple App Store Crosses the 100,000 Application Threshold

It’s barely been a year since the App Store opened its metaphorical doors and yet developers have not ceased to continue their plot to create an app for every damn problem or non-problem you might or might not be facing. 100,000 apps later and here we are. We have apps to help you look up Asian girls’ skirts, apps to ...

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Puff! App Brings the Wonder of Upskirts to the iPhone

Upskirts are sort of a phenomenon in the porn industry, especially the among the Japanese population. Creepy men with hidden cameras scout the streets for unsuspecting ladies and broadcast their unbelievably sexy findings on the web. Watching these videos is sort of a blurry area of the law. Avoid the legal system by producing your own upskirt shots right on ...

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Tweetie 2 Preview: Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You

The Apple Blog has an awesome preview of the upcoming upgrade to the best damn Twitter app on the iPhone. Tweetie 2 will feature a totally redesigned UI and will include a crap load of new features including tweet language translation, threaded conversations, landscape mode and much more. Seriously looking awesome. Check out some more preview pics after the jump.

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“I Am T-Pain” iPhone App Lets Anyone Use Auto-Tune

One of my favorite iPhone app developers, Smule, creators of Leaf Trombone and Ocarina, have released their newest app, I Am T-Pain. At first glance, this app might seem like a shameless plug for the T man and his destruction of music, but further research shows that this app seems like a whole lot of fun. Using the actual Auto-Tune ...

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Units App Makes iPhone An Indispensable Tool For Drug Dealers

Wu Tang Clan rapper and drug expert Ghostface Killah once rapped that “all around the world today the kilo is the measure, a kilo is a thousand grams easy to remember.” That may be true, drug dealers also have to work with many other units of measurement like ounces, which weigh in at a much less memorable 28.35 grams. Thankfully, ...

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Fake Beer For Your iPhone

High tech gadgets and beer are both great, so you’d think that bringing the two together would be a smashing success right? Not true. Apparently, software developers don’t realize that the best part of drinking is actually getting drunk and you can’t get smashed just by looking at pictures of beer. First, there was the horrendous “Beer Pong” game for ...

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