Best Free IPhone Apps In 2017

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Just got your new iPhone? Congratulations! But now you might be thinking what apps to install. Sure there are the classic Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat because come on what’s the point of any smartphone without those? With the launch of iOs 11 there are a whole lot more apps available now. It is wrongly perceived that most of the good apps on the app store are paid. To rid you of this misconception we bring you the 20 best freebies of 2017!

  1. Clips

Clips is a video app which enables you to quickly record video clips, edit them and share them with your friends via various social media sites. You can also add captions or subtitles to your videos as well as add a number of filters to make the clip interesting!

  1. 1Password

It is a tough job remembering passwords for all your accounts many times you keep just one for them all to save yourself the effort. 1Passwords mobile app syncs with the desktop app and gives different passwords to all your accounts. The best part you just have to remember one password!

  1. Chrome

This one’s for the people who prefer Google Chrome over all other browsers. Good choice though it’s the best browser available.

  1. Google Photos

If you’re an Android user who’s just switched to Apple iCloud can be extremely frustrating. Even though it has come a long way it still isn’t as good as Google photos. This freebie in the app store is a blessing.

  1. Prisma

More 2016 than 2017 but this app is still one of the best photo editors available. It makes you look like a work of art (painting). It’s a fabulous way of revamping your old photos and making them look like never before.

  1. SoundHound

It can get frustrating not remembering the name of a song that’s been playing in your head. This app helps you with that all you need to do is sing a few lines to it!

  1. FaceTune 2

Another photo editing app to help you improve your selfie game. This app helps you look the best you can by performing several tasks to beautify your face as you shoot.

  1. Dropbox

A very popular app this one helps you store your files, pictures, music and other documents online so you can access them wherever you go. You also get 2 GB of cloud storage.

  1. AnyDo

For all the forgetful people out there, it keeps a track of your schedule by setting reminders and helps you adhere to your to-do lists. It has a voice entry feature as well which adds stuff to your list when you ask it to.

  1. Bumpers

Bumpers helps you create podcasts by literally turning your phone into a podcasting studio where you can film your own episodes. All you need to do is set up an account.

  1. Venmo

It enables you to pay anyone who has an account on Venmo using the money in your Venmo account or by linking your account to your debit card.

  1. Infuse

This mobile player plays music in a number of formats such as MP4 and MKV.

  1. Kindle

Kindle by Amazon has the largest collection of e-books available and is the best app on the store for avid readers. It allows you to configure the text as per you preference and also permits you to keep bookmarks and add notes.

  1. Uber

A must have app for all. Uber is a car booking app that enables the user to book a cab from his /her location at any time to travel to the desired destination.

  1. Zomato

This food app allows you to locate restaurants near you, check their menus, the look and also read the reviews the place has received before visiting it.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

This app brings your email, attachments and contacts together. It works well with Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange and iCloud.

  1. Swiftkey

This app analyses your typing style and autocorrects your mistakes instantly. It can also be used with social media apps.

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