iPhone App Magnets Work Best With A Black Fridge

One iPhone is fine and dandy for keeping myself in order and offering a great way to procrastinate, but I can’t help but hunger for more – the next big update. Do you remember how excited I was about MMS finally coming to the device? Right now it happens to be OS 4.0. After the release of 4.0 it will undoubtedly be OS 4.5 (though I have high hopes for 4.0 transforming the iPhone into the perfect device).

These iPhone App Magnets will hopefully hold my insatiable iPhone hunger at bay until the next major release. Even if my fridge happens to be an off-white-ish color rather than the preferred black, I think I can still make it work. Now if it doesn’t, I just hope the local Apple store makes sure they’re on lockdown during the next full-moon.

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