Vandalize Your Town and Share Your Tags with ARstreets Augmented Reality Graffiti iPhone App

While I love defacing a building just as much as the next guy, the law doesn’t agree with my propensity for destroying the hopes and dreams of many a business owner. In fact, some lawmakers even shun upon it. So I can’t use spray paint to tag your buildings. I get it. Even though I can’t understand why you don’t want a WORK of ART on your otherwise inconspicuous business’s walls.

The ARstreets iPhone app allows you to both stick on the legit side of the law and tag your local businesses at the same time. You can then share your tags on Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. So while I wouldn’t start painting the town with Latin Kings tags, you can at least literally paint the town red whenever you get a bad meal or shoddy service. Available now for free from the App Store.

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