Shaving the Mustaches of History


Update: Now with more Nazi flavah!

Sometimes, a mustache can be a person’s calling card. In fact, the facial hair itself can become more famous than the poor mustached man. In these instances, the mustache and the man are probably of equal value. I must admit, I’m jealous of mustaches of such caliber.

With the powers vested in us by Photoshop, we introduce five six of the most famous mustached men in history, de-mustached.





And as a bonus… Hitler!



Hitler photo source

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  1. Ummmmmm. …….. Aren’t you forgetting someone?
    Starts with an H and ends with an itler?

  2. Last one, idiot.

  3. @Mirandacake

    Thanks for the suggestion. Added.

  4. Groucho?

  5. Wha Wha Wheres Tom Selleck?

  6. Dali looks a little bit like a burn victim. Einstein looks a bit off. Stalin… did you even try? The rest look pretty good though.

  7. jimmyhoffascorpse

    Hitler Just looks really weird. You kind of associate a lot of the evil with the facial hair. he looks creepily normal without it.

  8. Where’s Frank Zappa?

  9. …and maybe Tom Hanks? :)

  10. Now, we can meet people who are look alikes of the legends.. :D

  11. Oh LOL

    Hitler’s quite the charmer actually….

    If it wasnt for those voices in his head ;P

  12. anyone else think Stalin looks like Alec Baldin?

  13. True, where is Zappa?

  14. Anybody notice how Che looks a lot like Rafael Nadal?

  15. Hahahahaha, great comment TennisFan.

  16. I think Stalin looks more like L. Ron Hubbard

  17. Where’s Ron Jeremy???

  18. Hitler looks like a bitter old woman

  19. This fails without Nietzsche.

  20. Zappa and Franz Ferdinand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. what about billy connolly ?

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