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Shaving the Mustaches of History

Update: Now with more Nazi flavah! Sometimes, a mustache can be a person’s calling card. In fact, the facial hair itself can become more famous than the poor mustached man. In these instances, the mustache and the man are probably of equal value. I must admit, I’m jealous of mustaches of such caliber. With the powers vested in us by ...

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Bottle ‘Staches: Because You’re Jealous of Your Mom’s Facial Hair

Just because your mother has more facial hair than you do doesn’t make you any less of a man. Weak facial hair is unfortunate, but not really something you can change through pure willpower alone. Bottle ‘Staches attach right onto your bottle of soda pop, creating the illusion of a well-formed mustache under your schnoz as you drink your icy ...

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Pick Your Nose Party Cups

Need to pump some life into your next party event but you’re afraid the mustache handkerchief will have everyone thinking they’re Salvador Dali? Not a problem. With these animal nose cups, you’ll have all of your drunk friends stumbling around your apartment making animal noises. You might have to worry about Dali coming back from the dead and showing up ...

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