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Shaving the Mustaches of History

Update: Now with more Nazi flavah! Sometimes, a mustache can be a person’s calling card. In fact, the facial hair itself can become more famous than the poor mustached man. In these instances, the mustache and the man are probably of equal value. I must admit, I’m jealous of mustaches of such caliber. With the powers vested in us by ...

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YouTube To Feature Live Event Broadcasting

YouTube is still looking for ways to show fresh new content to its users. So, come the 22nd of November, it is launching YouTube Live. This brings a whole new webcasting aspect to YouTube. Artists, musicians, bedroom bloggers and Internet famous people like the Star Wars Kid will be able to get some extra publicity as this event will bring ...

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Albert Einstein’s Watch On The Cheap

Who would have thought that a watch belonging to one of the most brilliant minds in history, Albert Einstein, would go for so cheap? This Swiss watch owned and operated by the famous patent clerk, himself, will be sold at an auction next month and could earn around 20,000 to 30,000 dollars. That’s pretty cheap considering its previous owner. There’s ...

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