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7 Really Bad Photoshop Pictures

Odd Muscles Photoshop

Have you ever seen one of those incredibly BAD Photoshop pictures? You know the type where people try to edit themselves to look great but get busted? Take a look at these 7 and try not to laugh too hard.

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Porn Versions of Classic Films

SomethingAwful asked their readers to recreate classic movie posters in the spirit of adult entertainment using the power of Photoshopped images and perversion, two of the most abundant resources on the internet. The results were both vast and insanely funny. Here are a few of our favorites but there are tons more over at the source. Have any ideas of ...

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Video Airbrushing: New Software Can Digitally Improve Physique of Actors

Airbrushing of celebrities was a hot button for a few years. Magazines were lambasted by blogs for their sometime extreme removal of girth from celebrities, models and public figures. Nowadays, airbrushing is more of a joke. An excuse to poke fun at the Photoshop disaster that many magazine covers have become. A new piece of software is bringing the airbrushing ...

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Better Book Titles Makes Judging Books By Their Covers Okay

Finally, books made to be judged by their covers. Before I had a life or a career, I loved reading. There was nothing I liked better than curling up with a great book. Now, I just don’t know how people find the time. I read for maybe 45 minutes before I go to sleep, but half of that time is ...

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Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream

If it can make Madonna look human, just imagine what it could do for you. Apparently Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream is also safe to rub in your eyes. Don’t mind the stinging. That’s totally normal. Temporary blindness might also occur. In fact, it probably will, but it’s so worth it. Beauty is pain! Unfortunately pain hurts. Achieve that wrinkle-free Photoshop ...

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How to Cheat Using Nothing But a Coke Bottle

Let me be the first to say that true geeks don’t cheat. First off, we know how easy it is to get caught. But mostly, we prefer a challenge over the guilt of stealing someone else’s work. Except at Calculus. Fuck Calculus. Anyway, this ingenious geeky student devised a plot so intricately ridiculous and time-consuming that it might just work. ...

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