How to Cheat Using Nothing But a Coke Bottle

Let me be the first to say that true geeks don’t cheat. First off, we know how easy it is to get caught. But mostly, we prefer a challenge over the guilt of stealing someone else’s work. Except at Calculus. Fuck Calculus.

Anyway, this ingenious geeky student devised a plot so intricately ridiculous and time-consuming that it might just work. It involves scanning the label of a Coca-Cola bottle onto your computer and substituting the fine print with a cheat sheet, or cheat label, if you will. Hit the jump the check out the entire method. But be warned, we provide this method only for entertainment purposes. We do not condone cheating in anyway. Except for that goddamn Calculus. Teachers, you might want to heed extra attention to your students’ beverages.

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  1. You could also print inside a water bottle label, in between lines or a nice picture…

    I had a Calculus teacher who asked us to bring our cheat sheets as a requisite to the test, though you would have to give them to him prior to receiving your exam. His logic was simple and right, the time and dedication you put on making them made you study more by reading and writing.

    I also had another method… I would keep on repeating the most difficult formulas and once I got my test I would write them down immediately 😛

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