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7 People Who Got Caught Cheating


Cheating is bad mmkay? Really though, if you're going to be a cheater at least don't get caught... No, wait...don't be a cheater because you'll probably end up like these people.

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How to Cheat Using Nothing But a Coke Bottle

Let me be the first to say that true geeks don’t cheat. First off, we know how easy it is to get caught. But mostly, we prefer a challenge over the guilt of stealing someone else’s work. Except at Calculus. Fuck Calculus. Anyway, this ingenious geeky student devised a plot so intricately ridiculous and time-consuming that it might just work. ...

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Codependency Suit: Perfect for Jealous Lovers

I told you that this would be the last time you’d ever do something like this to me. I told you if I ever caught you with that damn Macbook again that’d be the last straw. Our last option, if we want to save this relationship, is the Codependency Suit. That’s right, 24/7 surveillance and communication. It’ll be great! We’ll finally get ...

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