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Inverted Pyramid Soda Display Has Caffeine Junkies Taking a Second Glance

I don’t know if I’ve ever put any serious thought into whether or not an inverted pyramid store display was possible or not. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever considered it at all, but Coca-Cola has, and they’ve integrated the idea into their Coke Zero “It’s Possible!” advertising scheme. Coke’s mission was to stand-out in an ocean of calorie ...

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How to Cheat Using Nothing But a Coke Bottle

Let me be the first to say that true geeks don’t cheat. First off, we know how easy it is to get caught. But mostly, we prefer a challenge over the guilt of stealing someone else’s work. Except at Calculus. Fuck Calculus. Anyway, this ingenious geeky student devised a plot so intricately ridiculous and time-consuming that it might just work. ...

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Coca-Cola Landline Phone: The Caffeinated Communication Alternative

Ahh, Coke. Other than beer, probably the prototypical American beverage of choice. Why create a phone celebrating the iconic soda? Well, why the hell not. Even if you prefer Pepsi you can’t deny the dramatic impact that Coke as a brand has had on the world culture. So, why not, indeed? Why not mash together the American love of caffeinated ...

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Coke-Powered Mobile Phone Runs Off The Same Stuff You Do

You know the feeling. Its three a.m. and your running on fumes courtesy of that Coke-filled Big Gulp you just slurped down. What if your cellphone ran on the same stuff that kept you up for those all-nighters. Designer Daizi Zheng designed a cellphone to run off of the sugar cells in Coca-Cola. Well, any sugary beverage will do, even ...

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Limited Edition Summer Coke

No, not the nose candy, you deviant. Rather than seem like we’re incredibly biased when it comes to soda, check out these summer-inspired cans from Coca-Cola. Featuring summer activities like a BBQ, surfing and fireworks, you’ll be sure to stay cool with a can of Coke. OK, now give us $5000 for saying that please or some free soda. C’mon, ...

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Skiing the Slopes as You Drop The Browns Off at the Ole Swimming Hole

Talk about being scared shitless. Coca-Cola has gone all hardcore with the marketing of their new Georgia Max Coffee brand, redesigning a number of toilets at some of the most popular ski resorts in Japan. And really, where else could something this absurdly awesome exist? The fully wrapped bathroom walls simulate the experience of a skier on all sides of ...

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