Video Airbrushing: New Software Can Digitally Improve Physique of Actors

Airbrushing of celebrities was a hot button for a few years. Magazines were lambasted by blogs for their sometime extreme removal of girth from celebrities, models and public figures. Nowadays, airbrushing is more of a joke. An excuse to poke fun at the Photoshop disaster that many magazine covers have become.

A new piece of software is bringing the airbrushing process to the video medium. Developers at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken, Germany merged together body types of 120 people to create one morphable figure which can be used to automatically manipulate the physique of on-screen actors. MovieReshape follows an actor’s silhouette as it moves across the screen, creating a 3D model of the actor’s body. The program then can create a realistic recreation of the body with a slightly shapelier tushy or a harder tummy.


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