Video Airbrushing: New Software Can Digitally Improve Physique of Actors

Airbrushing of celebrities was a hot button for a few years. Magazines were lambasted by blogs for their sometime extreme removal of girth from celebrities, models and public figures. Nowadays, airbrushing is more of a joke. An excuse to poke fun at the Photoshop disaster that many magazine covers have become.

A new piece of software is bringing the airbrushing process to the video medium. Developers at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbr´┐Żcken, Germany merged together body types of 120 people to create one morphable figure which can be used to automatically manipulate the physique of on-screen actors. MovieReshape follows an actor’s silhouette as it moves across the screen, creating a 3D model of the actor’s body. The program then can create a realistic recreation of the body with a slightly shapelier tushy or a harder tummy.


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