New Blog Reveals Photos Of Mutant Beyonce

My buddy Nick McGlynn is on a mission to expose poor photoshop skills.” To achieve this noble goal, he’s created a new blog called Photoshop of Horrors. Nick’s site feature pictures of some of the worst Photoshop disasters known to man. My personal favorites are this shot of Beyonce with three arms and a picture of a topless denim model who had her nipples edited into oblivion.

There have been other bad Photoshop sites, but Nick says his blog is a cut above the rest because “the elegant and easy to navigate page design incorporates witty mouse over captions for each photo, as well as offering large and small views of the page.” You can make a lot of great stuff with Photoshop, but this site is a powerful reminder that, as Spiderman once said: “with great power comes great responsibility.”


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