Digital 3D Picasso Remix

Digital artist Lena Gieseke made this amazing “3D exploration” of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. Gieseke says her piece is supposed to be “a provoking and deep contemplation” of the original work. She says she was inspired by art jigsaw puzzles because they force you to “study a painting in great detail and… become aware of the very lines, shapes and colors that the painting is composed of and how these elements merge to create a unified expression.” Remixes of classic art generally suck unless they put a thought provoking twist on the old concept. This 3D Guernica doesn’t really do that, but it just looks so freaking cool that you’ve got to love it.

Gieseke made her Picasso with Maya, Shake, and Photoshop. This is a pretty powerful rebuttal to those old fogies who say digital art is nothing but pixels. After the jump, check out the video of Gieseke’s masterpiece.

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