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Video Airbrushing: New Software Can Digitally Improve Physique of Actors

Airbrushing of celebrities was a hot button for a few years. Magazines were lambasted by blogs for their sometime extreme removal of girth from celebrities, models and public figures. Nowadays, airbrushing is more of a joke. An excuse to poke fun at the Photoshop disaster that many magazine covers have become. A new piece of software is bringing the airbrushing ...

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Feature: Video MIDI Mixer Using Pure Data

About six months ago, I was reading up on music creation and the program Max/MSP, a graphical workflow environment for creating and manipulating audio and video. Very complex, but powerful stuff. The author of Max/MSP, Miller S. Puckette, later created a piece of similar, open-source software called Pure Data (pd). Pure Data is similar to Max/MSP except that it’s free ...

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Editing Sound With Photoshop

You may be used to making music with apps like GarageBand, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. But did you know, that you can use the world’s most popular photo-editing software to manipulate sound? Using a program called Photosounder, John Keston was able to save a piano recording as a bitmap image file. He then loaded it into Photoshop, added some ...

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The Beat Goes On and On and On

The musical trio from Tokyo, Japan known as d.v.d. sound like a blast to see live. The group consists of drummers Itoken and Jimanica and visualizer Takashi Yamaguchi. As the drummers play and beat on the drums, Takashi projects and manipulates brilliant imagery on a screen. The sounds trigger geometrical shapes and landscapes via Processing (just like Metamorphosis 2), ensuring ...

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DIY: Wii Classic Controller LED hack

The Wiimote sensor controller might be the more fun of the two, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta whip out the classic. It has to be done. So why not add a coolness factor to the classic controller as well? This DIY will allow you to add LED lights around the sticks of the controller. Some simple hardware manipulation is required. ...

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