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Pioneer 10: darkness at the edge of town

The Pioneer anomaly, a long-discussed discrepancy between the expected and actual speeds of the Pioneer spacecraft, has tantalized researchers with the possibility of an exotic new physics. A solution may be close at hand�and even if it supports the standard model, it's pretty amazing.

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Run Newton OS on the iPhone

If you look back at Apple’s Newton PDA device, it’s pretty clear that it was a major inspiration for iOS. You could say that Newton was the iPhone’s grandfather. Now, through the Open Einstein project, iPhone users can run an emulation of the Newton OS right on their modern devices. Downloading the code from the Open Einstein project’s site allows ...

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Geek Book Review: Why Does E=mc2? (and Why Should We Care?)

The fine gents over at De Capo Press were nice enough to send me a review copy of “Why Does E=mc2? (and Why Should We Care)” by renowned physicists Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Cox and Forshaw attempt to accomplish what Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan attempted decades ago. And that is to make physics, and specifically, Einstein’s theory of ...

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Shaving the Mustaches of History

Update: Now with more Nazi flavah! Sometimes, a mustache can be a person’s calling card. In fact, the facial hair itself can become more famous than the poor mustached man. In these instances, the mustache and the man are probably of equal value. I must admit, I’m jealous of mustaches of such caliber. With the powers vested in us by ...

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E=MC Stoned

There is no denying that Einstein was one of the most brilliant physicists since Newton. The man was on a different train of thought than the rest of humanity. I believe he simply couldn’t have gotten revered without the help of some friendly cannabis sativa. Sure, naysayers will claim Einstein was a straight-edge, but that’s just plain wrong. The theory ...

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