Tuesday , 30 September 2014
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Talk About Jell-O Shots: Cups Made Out of Jell-O

Ahhh, Jell-O Shots, the number one pastime of sororities across the country. But I bet you’ve never had a Jell-O-based beverage quite like this. These Jelloware cups are actually made out of Jell-O, jiggly and unstable, but totally fun and we imagine they’re pretty tasty too. Made by design troupe The Way We See The World, these Jelloware cups came ... Read More »

Red (or Any Other Color) iPhone 4 Now Available

OK, so it might not be an Apple-approved model, but it gets the job done. For $250, which is more than the phone itself, even when bought with a new wireless contract, ColorWare will paint your iPhone 4 (much like they did for previous models) in any color combination you desire. So, yeah, for $250 you’re paying for a little ... Read More »

Fail Cthulhu: Somewhere, a Fail Whale is Crying

Created by Robert Cadena for a Cthulhu-themed art contest, Fail Cthulhu makes quite a larger splash then a loan fail whale. Because Cthulhu does not take social sites prisoner, under any circumstances. Once you’re in its grasps, your day has come. Once you smell him, it’s already too late. Link [via] Read More »

San Francisco Made Out of Jell-O

After all of the world’s major cities are decimated my nuclear weapons, engineers of the future might decide to rebuild with a cheaper building material alternative. Case in point, Jell-O. The Golden Gate Bridge would be a hell of a lot tastier, that’s for sure. You won’t want to hike through the city streets without a spoon and some Cool ... Read More »

Bendy Bicycle

Most city dwellers rely on their feet more than anything, but there are more than a handful that prefer to cruise around their respective hoods on wheels. Most of these bikers you’ll see with backpacks or messenger bags, because when you live a city, leaving your bike parked on the street without a lock and chain is not an option ... Read More »

Important Documents in Comic Sans

It’s about time Comic Sans earned some respect. When Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert authored a scathing letter of hate directed at LeBron James after his decision to leave C-Town, there were apparently no other fonts that illustrated his anger quite as well as Comic Sans. And it’s a good thing too, because I feared that Sans would never get ... Read More »

Comics of Our Dreams: Batman vs. Donkey Kong

Can Batman outlast Donkey’s flaming barrels? Can Bruce Wayne put aside his devotion to ape conservation in the face of death? Will Robin ever recover from his monkey bite? Next week on The Brave and the Bold! Deviantart user deankotz created this awesome ode to comics that only exist in the mind of a geek. Link [via] Read More »

$121,000 iPad is World’s Most Expensive (So Far)

Stuart Hughes has been adding ostentatious luxury to Apple products for years now and from the looks of things, he has absolutely no plans on stopping. His newest creation is the $121,408 Solid White Gold iPad. Weighing in at well over 4 lbs, this solid gold gadget is significantly less portable thanks to the extra weight. So all of you ... Read More »

8-Bit Costume Makes Your Friends Look High-Def in Comparison

I know, summer has barely begun, but it’s never too early to start hunting for that perfect Halloween idea. Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown created this awesome 8-Bit costume, lovingly referred to as “Gary,” by cutting out large cube-shaped pixels out of high-density foam sheets. The pixels are attached to an articulated cardboard structure to provide wearability in all three ... Read More »