March 5, 2015

Arts & Design

X-Tape Turns That Box Into a Trunk

The last time I moved I made a pact. I will never use cardboard boxes again. I have more class than that. The movers must have been mortified. But even I, a connoisseur of the finer things in life, has to admit that cardboard boxes are the practical way to go. They’re lighter than trunks and definitly cheaper. X-Tape makes ... Read More »

Stan Lee Announces 3 New Characters at Comic-Con

Boom! Studios and Stan Lees Pow! Entertainment held a press conference right before the official Comic-Con festivities got underway and they announced three new ongoing characters coming to a comic book near you. Soldier Zero: about an astronomy teacher in a wheelchair whos bonded to an alien weapon of war after a freak accident. Soldier Zero is being written by ... Read More »

WWJP: What Would Jesus Play?

Amen. Photographed outside of a cathedral in Berlin, Germany by Flickr user Ben Scicluna. Not only was Jesus assembled for your sins, he was assembled for your pleasures as well. Link [via] Read More »

POV Display Ping Pong Paddles: Ping Pong for the Deaf

Troika’s POV Ping Pong Bats offer something previously only available to connoisseurs of ping pong themed comic books (is there such a thing?). Visual sound effects. Not quite sound at all really, but more a descriptive word which not only adds a touch of zing to the game but helps the hearing impaired understand that there are potentially elements of ... Read More »

Inside Out One! *punch*: The Inside Out Volkswagen

My brother and I love playing that Volkswagen punching game when we’re cruising down the road. Well, more like my brother punches me and I grimace. I’m truly terrible at it. So it’s more like a one-sided slugfest then a true game. Black one! Red one! Inside out one! Wait… huh?! AlmapBBDO’s newest advertisement for the Volkswagen Fox turns the ... Read More »

Twisted Ceramic Figurines For Twisted Little Old Ladies

Filed under “things you might find at Jeffery Dahmer’s grandmother’s house.” These Twisted Ceramic Figurines were created by designer Jessica Harrison. Almost every little old lady’s home you visit is stuffed to the brim with knick-knacks on every available surface. Next time, look closer. You’re bound to find something disturbing. More after the jump. Read More »

Nintendo Famicom iPhone Case

The Japanese equivalent of our homeland’s NES, the Nintendo Famicom (short for Family Computer) system is no doubt the system that influenced modern Japenese game designers the most during their childhood. Everyone had one. It was like the Dial Soap or the Michael Jackson’s Thriller of the Japanese youth. Famicom made a splash worldwide for the long-lasting effect it would ... Read More »

The Painful Reality of Super Mario Bros

Owww… my childhood. At least he hasn’t moved on to designer mushrooms. I had an idea that Mario was a dealer. But a user? I knew not. It’s that pesky Luigi that got him into this mess. I just know it. I know it was you, Luigi. You broke my heart. Link Read More »

Stewie Jobs Announces iPhone 5

In a surprise keynote held at Apple’s Quahog division headquarters, Stewie Jobs announced the new iPhone 5. Stewie spent most of the keynote highlighting the device’s newest features which promise to kill Lois in ways before thought unimaginable. Slaughtering your family in the name of world domination? There’s an app for that. At least, there is now. Link Read More »