The Only Cake Shop with an Age Limit

“Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion” is the world’s only cake shop with an age disclaimer. It’s pretty much the R-rated bakery. Each cake is mixed in with something called an ALIBI ‘potion.’ This ‘potion’ of herbal supplements is a ‘pretox’, preparing your body to absorb toxins and even prevent a hangover. But that’s not all that makes this cake shop only suitable for adults.

The Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion shop encourages cake design collaborators to create X-rated cake creations, including confectioneries inspired by road kill, ‘suffocated porn’, cat food and female genitalia. And that’s not even the wackiest food on the menu. The shop’s Occult Jam is said to contain hair belonging to Princess Diana. Each day, the bakery offers a menu of 666 items.

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