Stuffed Animals with Vaginas


Making sweet, passionate love to our stuffed animals has never been this easy. We got sort of sick of stealing our kid’s toys and cutting holes in them. It just made us feel funny for some reason. Don’t ask me why.

I mean, technically they’re our toys right? I mean, we paid for the damn things.

So we might not be able to hump Mickey Mouse’s lack of a vagina, but now we can be the proud owners of a Vagina-‘d Buffalo or Dinosaur, depending on our mood.




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  1. you guys are some sick mother fuckers. you have to be some kind of chomo to be fucking your kids toys first off. to bee fucking a toy at all for that matter. ull be lucky if i dont report your ass.,

  2. This is hot. I’ve already got an order in, but I hope they are at least big enough to withstand my grunts. Screw washing, makes it so you don’t need lube the second (third, fifth?) time around…

  3. I love tj response…..and his name. Who names their kids with just two consonants? That’s just mean. It explains the anger and resentment in his response. As for pumping the toys…hey tj, at least they’re not pumping the kids. Or did I just “touch” a painful spot? xD

  4. wtf…. tht is twisted…. no offfence to the creators… its ideas like that….that….ummm….what do they do exactly….

  5. everything is wrong with everything on this page, except for the responses by tj and jacob. the rest is some seriously sick and twisted shit. and making jokes about child molestation is really not funny, you freak.

  6. LOL – You guys need to lighten up. It’s the sick state of the world that’s caused people to lose their sense of humor.

    This is a gag of the highest order.

    I mean seriously, who bangs a toy dinosaur with a vagina anyway. The very thought is hilarious.

    Anyone with a brain knows all it would do is deliver a mean burn to a man’s junk and get all stinky, crusty and stained after a few good poundings anyway.

    I mean come on… Seriously,

  7. I would totally get the buffalo one

  8. u guys are fucked up motherfuckers..go to hell.

  9. I had my taxidermist do me up one that was a bit more realistic. We used a fleshlight and a local squirrel I’ve had a thing for.

  10. Dave, you are fucking epic. I want you to know that.

  11. No offence inteded but dont you think this should be a little less hmm… disturbing?
    I dont have a problem with people who screw stuffed animals, but you should try not to broadcast this to the rest of the world as if was a freaking religion.

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