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A Mouse You Can Make Love To: The G Point Mouse Looks Like The Female Naughty Place

As far as anatomical models go, you don’t see many vagina-themed objects. Sure, you’ve got your male sex toys and your science class anatomically correct scale model, but where are all the vagina-inspired goodies. The ratio between penis and vagina-themed gadgets is unsettling at best and terrifying at worst. I guess vagina’s just aren’t as funny as a huge shaft? ...

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Stuffed Animals with Vaginas

Making sweet, passionate love to our stuffed animals has never been this easy. We got sort of sick of stealing our kid’s toys and cutting holes in them. It just made us feel funny for some reason. Don’t ask me why. I mean, technically they’re our toys right? I mean, we paid for the damn things. So we might not ...

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Impregnate Your Very Own Uterus Pillow

Look, if your going to hump your pillow regardless of its shape you might as well hump a pillow that somehow resembles the female reproductive system. The Uterus Pillow is only for the strictest lovers of the female anatomy. For $48, you can own a pillow that’s just a little closer to the real thing, without being overly vulgar. Link ...

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Jaws XXX: Man Shark Turns Your Peeper Into a Predator

Vaginas aren’t the only genitals that can grow teeth. Watch out ladies, my penis is very hungry. Hope you’re not bleeding! Sharks can sense that you know. The Man Shark is basically a cock-ring with jagged (albeit, gentle) teeth, creating the illusion of the dreaded cockious sharkus. If you want to scare off almost any girl, this is a perfect ...

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Contex iCondom Gag Gift About A Year Too Late

Apparently, the iPhone is still fodder for shitty jokes and tasteless products. Case in point: the iCondom. With a box strikingly similar to Apple’s flagship telecommunications device, it’s no humongous 3G iPhone but it’s packed with goodies that are meant to be touched. iMemory, iLight, iTree and iFood are all part of the iCondom package. Allow me to inform you ...

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