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I Am A Stuffed Animal: Custom Stuffed Animals of You or Anybody

We have a soft spot in out hearts (and occasionally a hard spot in our pants) for stuffed animals and plushies. It’s one of the many childhood comforts that have crossed over into adult territory. So the opportunity to create an accurate stuffed animal of my likeness or any of my idols is too awesome to ignore. I Am A ...

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Stuffed Animals with Vaginas

Making sweet, passionate love to our stuffed animals has never been this easy. We got sort of sick of stealing our kid’s toys and cutting holes in them. It just made us feel funny for some reason. Don’t ask me why. I mean, technically they’re our toys right? I mean, we paid for the damn things. So we might not ...

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Stuffed Animal Cellphone Case Chokes the Pooch

There’s nothing quite as playful as walking around with a stuffed puppy dog that happens to be deep-throating your cellphone. These Stuffed Animal Cellphone Cases allow you to shove your cellphone down a dog’s throat without being reported to animal services. Maybe the ASPCA can add these to their merchandise collection.

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Food Chain Friends Are Morbidly Cute

What if I told you, the overworked mother, I could teach your child about science and let them enjoy some quality playtime simultaneously? I’m sure you’d burst into tears and start thanking me but I can’t take credit for this. The Food Chain Friends are a cute series of stuffed animals that eat each other and do it quite well. ...

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