Suckling Pig Cake is Pork-Free

Michelle’s Wibowo’s painstakingly detailed Suckling Pig cake was made for the Experimental Food Society Spectacular in London. Complete with vegetable garnish, an apple it its mouth and a intricate rotisserie browned skin.

Wibowo’s roots are in architecture, but decided to pursue a career in cake design and sugar craft because, well, as you can see, that’s where her true genius lies. If her building design is anything as intricate and creative as her cake, then sign me up. Plus, if the cake business doesn’t work out she can always make houses out of confectionery. We here the fairy tale witch real estate market is really booming.


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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering how much this cake costs as I would like a cake exactly like this for my daughter’s 18th birthday before 1st Oct.

    Can you help??

    Kind Regards

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