The Original Prototypes of Iconic Gadgets

Every piece of gadgetry we own or have owned in the past started somewhere. There is always an alpha. Even such iconic pieces of gadgetry as the Super Soaker (pictured above) had messy and rough beginnings.

Let’s take a step back in time to truly embrace our favorite gadget’s state of antithesis. The products before there was a product. Hit the jump for much more.

Atari – 1976

Apple 1 – 1975

Motorola DynaTAC – 1973

Push-Button Telephone – 1948

Moog Modular – 1964

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  1. I would love to have a Push-Button Telephone � 1948… it is pretty impressive!

  2. Unique collections. Now I can know the form of the earlier iconic gadget prototype. Nice share……

  3. Ooh…so that the history of first gadgets. Thanks….

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