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The Original Prototypes of Iconic Gadgets

Every piece of gadgetry we own or have owned in the past started somewhere. There is always an alpha. Even such iconic pieces of gadgetry as the Super Soaker (pictured above) had messy and rough beginnings. Let’s take a step back in time to truly embrace our favorite gadget’s state of antithesis. The products before there was a product. Hit ...

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Cabestan watch: A unique new look at time

It’s no secret that we here are fans of finely made watches. The Cabestan design from Vianney Halter and Jean-Fran §ois Ruchonnet is not yet being produced for sale, but makes us watch fans drool at its unique new look at watch design. The pictures you see are a rare few of the Cabestan that exist, with only a few ...

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nDoo or not nDoo? That is the concept: Nanotechnology in 2047

Designer Patrick Gunther takes a mix of fantasy and possible futuristic medicine and has designed some prototypes for what he envisions nanotechnology to look like in the future. Gunther thinks that in only forth years time, we might have nanotechnology capable of swimming through our bloodstream, acting as a man-made immune system. AIDS and other immunity deficient diseases would become ...

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Robot Nurses: The future of hospitals and strip clubs

Hospitals have become plagued with staff shortages, which results in more work for the current staff, and longer waits for us patients. Scientists think that the future of medicine lies in the hands of robotics. Prototypes have already been used in hospitals, but soon the technology community sees robotics taking even a stronger hand in medicine…with robotic nurses. The IWARD ...

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