nDoo or not nDoo? That is the concept: Nanotechnology in 2047


Designer Patrick Gunther takes a mix of fantasy and possible futuristic medicine and has designed some prototypes for what he envisions nanotechnology to look like in the future. Gunther thinks that in only forth years time, we might have nanotechnology capable of swimming through our bloodstream, acting as a man-made immune system. AIDS and other immunity deficient diseases would become obsolete.

The designs look like a cross between a moth and a web cam. Yes, we have weird eyes sometimes. Doesn’t the nDoo kind of remind you of those nano creatures from The Matrix? One really cool possibility for the future is that as these flow through our bodies, they can keep up to date with all diseases through a networked database, assuring you of your health or lack there of. — Andrew Dobrow

Design Page [Extrospekt, via Core77]

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